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How To How to open chevy malibu trunk: 8 Strategies That Work

There is no button inside the car to open the trunk. 2016 Malibu Hybrid. Iridescent pearl tricoat, black leather interior, nav, sun roof. Mods: Hylux HID kit, WeatherTech trunk mat, Salusy console storage organizer. Administrator.11 posts · Joined 2012. #1 · Aug 17, 2012. I just noticed today that the unlock button on the drivers and passengers side are not working. when i put car in drive, the locks didnt go down and i couldnt lock with buttons on doors. the key fob locked the doors. i then put car in park and they clicked like to unlock. then i put in drive and they ...Press the trunk button on the fob twice. The trunk will unlock and partially open. Lift the trunk open the rest of the way. Inside the Vehicle. Press the trunk release button on the dash to the left side of the steering wheel. The trunk will open partially. Walk to the back of the vehicle. Lift the trunk open the rest of the way. At the Trunk3)Trunk Release Lever. Some Chevy Malibu models have a trunk release lever located near the driver’s seat, usually on the floorboard or near the footwell. Look for a lever that you can pull or a small handle that you can lift. Pulling this lever will release the trunk latch and allow you to open the trunk.chevy malibu: interior trunk open button..keyless..lights blink. 8.8.2009. John. MASTER AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN. 9,106 Satisfied Customers. 2004 Malibu: my key..key hole & remote trunk pop wont work. 6.10.2009. RIP ROBERT. OWNER. 761 Satisfied Customers. 2004 Chevy Malibu: Trunk..the remote key button..drivers side door.Coupe, convertible. G5. Malibu Maxx. Convertible, trunk lid. G6. Helps securely fasten trunk closed This GM Genuine Part is designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and is backed by General Motors Collision parts are designed to help promote proper and safe repair. MSRP $125.10. $83.65. Add to Cart.The way you can get the hood opened on your Malibu is to reach up in there from the bottom with a long thin screwdriver and activate the latch release. It may help if you can have someone push down on the hood while you are doing this. If you can see a part of the cable you might be able to strip the housing off and try to pull the cable itself ...Remove the Lower Dash Panel to access the BCM. Test the VIOLET / GRAY OR VIOLET (-) wire for Ground - when you press the Trunk Button. IF there is a Ground - , then you will need to remove the Back Seats and get to the Trunk Latch bolts to remove and open trunk. OR.Press the trunk button on the fob twice. The trunk will unlock and partially open. Lift the trunk open the rest of the way. Inside the Vehicle. Press the trunk release button on the dash to the left side of the steering wheel. The trunk will open partially. Walk to the back of the vehicle. Lift the trunk open the rest of the way. At the TrunkJul 4, 2021 ... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.If you want to open chevy malibu trunk when the battery is dead, you need to pull up the lock tab and use the outside door handle. As a safety feature, your car has a release lever on the right corner of the trunk. To open the trunk, you need to push the release lever to the left.1.Label the four leads of connector, P/N 12126045 as indicated below. 2.Connect the connector to the new relay, P/N 19119267. 3.Locate circuit 6188 (trunk release control) at the BCM following service information. Cut the wire and splice the BCM and relay side of the circuit as shown.DrivenDaily. 22255 posts · Joined 2009. #3 · Jun 4, 2013. Moved from Gen8 section for 2013+ models. Take to where you bought it and have them fix it. Otherwise you need to find the bolts that hold the lid to the hinges and make small adjustments. '11 LTZ, born Aug 2010, Fairfax, KS. V6/A6, Red Jewel Tintcoat / Cocoa-Cashmere, Sunroof.When the trunk latch is engaged, the trunk can only be opened by a handheld remote or a key. In most newer cars, a trunk latch works much the same as a door latch. Generally, two components make up the trunk latch: the U shaped anchor, which sits in the frame of the vehicle, and the latching mechanism in the lid to the trunk.It was hanging there. No big deal, kind of tucked it back. Hmmm, now trunk will not latch shut. So I pulled the emergency release and I do not think it moved. It seams suck open. I tried to push the latch shut by putting a screw driver against the latch to have it trigger shut. No success. Tried to push the wire back (opposite direction of the ...2017 Malibu - Is there any way to open the trunk with a dead battery? Advice. Battery is dead, nothing electronic is working. Able to get into the car with the backup hard key and the driver door key hole but as far as I can tell no way to get into the trunk. Seems like it would be good to be able to access jumper cables, etc in the trunk in ...Chevy Mechanic: Chris (aka-Moose) Chris (aka-Moose) Category: Chevy. Satisfied Customers: 84,042. Experience: 24 years of experience diagnosing & repairing. Verified. Welcome, I'm Chris (aka Moose). Although I work here everyday, please understand it is not all day and rarely morning time. To get the most from me and the best experience, please ...The purpose of the connector/switch was inform the anti theft system that the key has been turned. If the trunk were to open without use of the electric trunk release or the key cylinder being turned, the alarm would sound. When the key cylinder was turned, a rod from the cylinder to the latch opened it.The 2016 Chevy Malibu does not have a trunk button or trunk release inside the cabin. If you want to open the trunk, the Malibu’s only button is on the exterior of the car. To open the trunk, head to the rear of the car. Right above the license plate, feel around for a rubber button and push it. The trunk should open just like that.The purpose of the connector/switch was inform the anti theft system that the key has been turned. If the trunk were to open without use of the electric trunk release or the key cylinder being turned, the alarm would sound. When the key cylinder was turned, a rod from the cylinder to the latch opened it.About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...There is no way to open the trunk manually. On the older style, you could fold down the rear seats and reach inside to pull the manual release tab. However, on the new body style they moved the latch for the fold down rear seat into the trunk, leaving me with no access. I could not find any keyhole either. Does anyone know if there is another ...btw: was replacing the passenger (RIGHT) side spring/torsion bar only as the other side was OK. Step 1: get something to brace the trunk open as full as possible. Make sure you have a lever or large screwdriver, pliers, and a pair of vice grips. Step 2: Undo the cables from the top of trunk - small white plastic retainer you pull forwards and ...SOURCE: MY Malibu trunk release make it sounds like the lock motor is working but the latch mechanism is seized and needs could be the arm that attaches the motor to the latch could have come unhooked and not releasing the latch.i`m not too familiar with these but i can`t see a manufacture building a car and not having an outside access to the trunk like a key lock as it becomes a ...11 Answers. 221,005. Rowefast answered 8 years ago. If you can't reach the trunk release by going threw the back seat, try hooking, jumping a good battery to it to get power. The back seat has latches in the top corners so it can pull down to gain access. 17 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. 590.Feb 25, 2022 ... How to unlock a Chevy Malibu ... HOW TO UNLOCK A CHEVY MALIBU. 55K views · 2 years ago ... How to get into trunk stuck shut on 2006 chevy malibu.Nov 3, 2016 ... - Here at Phillips Chevrolet in Lansing, IL product specialist, Floyd Brown is sitting inside a 2016 Chevy ...Jun 22, 2020 · With trunk open, access the latch motor. Check the ground for continuity by using a meter. It should be a very small reading, probably below 100 ohms, more likely below 2 ohms. Next, put a test light across both terminals of the lock motor. Have someone request the trunk to open (button, remote, etc.). 2012 – 2022 Models. Locate the hood release button on the driver’s door close to the driver’s footrest area. Press the button inwards. The trunk will pop open. Alternatively: Unlock all the doors using your key fob. Press the trunk button underneath the trunk handle to open it.2014 Malibu Trunk wont open my case the fuses were good replaced the latch and the button and still would not open. I traced the wires from the button back to the latch they run on the pasanger side thru the trunk lid tube and are fastend to the underside of the rear window area in coragated tubing thats where i had 2 wires broken repaired …For 2016 - 2020 Chevrolet Malibu equipped Stop/Start option. If your trunk does not release when pressing the trunk's lid handle switch nor the Key FOB button. Check 15A fuse # F41 at the Instrument Panel Fuse Block. This fuse is listed at "Body Control Module 1 (with Stop/Start option)" on the Owner's Manual.How to Open Chevy Malibu Trunk from Inside: Different Methods for Different Models. The Chevy Malibu is a popular midsize sedan that has been in production since 1964. Over the years, it has undergone several changes and improvements, including the trunk release mechanism.Listen really closely and see if you hear any kind of "clunk" or other noise when you press the trunk button. If you hear nothing then either the solenoid is defective or the BCM has an issue. I'd vote against the trunk motor (solenoid). Computers in cars are fairly robust and usually last the life of the car.When you recycle the latch with the trunk open, the finger opens up and you see an opening where the rod goes in, and then the rod hits the edge of the other finger and rotates the locking finger around the rod. Look at the position of those parts when the trunk opens normally. When when the trunk won't close right, take a look at how they're ...DrivenDaily. 1. Call a Pop-A-Lock service, open the doors, pop the trunk, use remote to silence the alarm or put the key in the ignition and turn it. 2. Get a spare key or several. Not open for further replies. You have insufficient privileges to reply here.You trunk latch may be on its way out, or you could just have a bad switch. It's easy to pop out of the door panel without removing the whole panel. The speaker is likely defective. If you replace it, replace both front door speakers. It's a fairly common complaint. The lock button may have gotten moisture in it, or it could just need some TLC.2014 malibu ls trunk won't open. anybody know how to fix this problem or if there is a youtube video on how to fix this ? its been a week and its already bothering me. UPDATE: So i read that the problem can stem from fuse #16. I check and yes the fuse was fried, so went to auto zone and bought new ones, pressed the trunk and it opened at the store.Relay for trunk good. Does not make sense. Same issue here with my 2015 Malibu LT. Swapped out latch and relay and still nothing. Latch makes zero noise when the button is pushed. Some cars have a trunk lock button inside middle console or glove compartment to disable the latch from opening but I haven't found anything like that in the Malibu.The factory stereo installed in the Chevy Colorado only has an AM/FM stereo tuner and a CD player. Many aftermarket stereos, on the other hand, have auxiliary inputs, iPod control ... To open the trunk in this case, you need to get the rear seats Use the Button Or the remote or maybe the 2016 Chevy Malibu 1LT 1.5T/6-Speed 165k miles 2019 F-150 SuperCrew 5.0L 2022 Mazda CX-5 PP 2.5. Save Share. Like. 9. ... I get home open the trunk and there is standing water in the wheel well.....everything is soaked. ... I have a Malibu premier wet trunk a few times, then soaked with recent rains in southern California, headliner stained …This is done on my 2011 chevy cruze but is similar in most cars with this feature as... In this video I show how to fix your trunk release button when it fails. This is done on my 2011 chevy cruze ... The trunk relay caused the trunk to open on its o Loosen the bolts holding the striker plate and adjust its position slightly higher or lower, then tighten the bolts again. Test the trunk to see if it remains closed properly. 3. Inspect the trunk release button: Faulty wiring or a malfunctioning trunk release button can trigger the trunk to open unexpectedly.My Malibu LTZ is just one week old, and it's already been broken into, right in my driveway. The thief simply took a Slim-Jim type device, went through the rubber just above the small window behind the rear passenger window, and unlocked the rear passenger door. It only took seconds, according to the police. Push that and the trunk will pop open. [1] 2. Use ...

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